Bird Festival in Dehradun in Feb 2014


    bird festivalIn coming February, Dehradun Bird lovers will be getting a New Year’s Day treat as a bird festival is going to be organised showcasing hundreds of bird species found in the hill state.

    Bird festival has been named as “Pakshi Utsav”, the event will be held at Assan Barrage between February 7 and 9, Chief Conservator of Forest (Eco Tourism) Rajiv Bhartari said.

    In this festival about 600 bird species are shown, which are found in the hill state. Uttarakhand is the home where 50 per cent of a total of 1200 bird species in the entire country.Apart from this the event is held as a workshop on scientific and technical aspects of avian conservation, except offering people a chance to watch a wide variety of birds.

    Deliberations will also be held at the festival on how to develop bird tourism as a means of livelihood for people of the state, the forest. In this festival participants and all people in the workshop will enjoy the tranquility and great natural beauty. In this festival we came to see different kind of birds.

    Bird and birding festivals are organised to take advantage of a specific region’s bird-friendly features, such as key migration areas or unique habitats. It’s depends on the festival and why it is organised, the event may be just for a single day or could last up to two weeks. Local birding societies, tourist offices, universities and nature preserves often organize festivals to promote the unique birding in their area, and additional sponsors may include individuals, businesses, charities and other organizations. There may be both large and small festivals to highlight birds and birding for interested enthusiasts of all skill levels.

    A glimpse of festival features

    It will typically include the same key features that birders come to look forward to at each festival they attend.

    • Field Trips: Field trips are the heart and soul of any birding festival. These excursions to local hotspots expert guides who are familiar with the area’s that where are the bird’s are found.
    • Workshops: These educational presentations are designed in such a way that it helps the birders perfect their birding skills. Topics selected in this presentation are Digiscoping, Bird photography, Identification, Bird Friendly Lanscaping.
    • Spotlight Birds: Many festivals select a single bird to serve as the focal point for the event. This is usually a bird that can be found in the area at the time of the festival.
    • Youth Activities: Popular options include building birdhouses, beginning birder workshops, bird-related games and other novelty activities.
    • Vendors: Most bird festivals host a selection of vendors offering bird-related merchandise for sale. Artwork, books, conservation materials, birding gear and promotional items are often available, and local birding clubs and organizations may be offering free brochures and other literature as well.

    Birds found in Bird Festival in DehraDun

    • Brahminy Duck
    • Pintail
    • Red Crested Pochard
    • Gadwall
    • Common Pochard
    • Mallard
    • Coot
    • Wigeon
    • Common Teal
    • Tufted Duck
    • Shoveller.

    The park is open throughout the year.Dehradun is the place to be in for the nature lovers and the adventure seekers alike.


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