Famous Food Corners in Dehradun-Small Places, but best in Taste


    In Dehradun city, life of peoples is now become very busy. They spend their whole day in the office, shops and in any other works. But apart from this Doonites loves to eat fast foods, at the time when they are hanging out with their friends, office colleagues or family. In their free time Doonites wanders in market, taking rest and feeding their tummies.

    Five years back Dehradun, did not have a single fast food chain now the time it has many fast food corners in every areas of the city.  Most of the eating places is located in the area of Rajpur Road, Chakrata Road and Astley Hall. Here Namaste Dehradun-The Free Encyclopedia of Dehradun, providing the list of some famous food corners of Dehradun where you can enjoy best fast foods and hang out with your friends.

    The Buffet Snacks Shop-DehradunThe Buffet Snacks Shop @ Rajpur Road

    Buffet Snacks Shop is located in Rajpur Road opposite to Gandhi Park. It is one of the famous fast food corners where people comes to enjoy specially its Burger and Bread rolls. It offers coffee, Sandwich, bread rolls, shakes and burgers at very reasonable price.

    K.C Momo’s & Soup Bar @ Jakhan-Rajpur RoadNamaste Dehradun-Photo Not Available

    KC Restaurant is famous for Momos & Soup, it is the oldest fast food corner in Dehradun. It is located in Purani Chungi, Rajpur Road. When people thinks about to eat momos, KC Restaurant is the first choice they get in their mind. We suggest you if you are thinking about to eat best momos go for KC Resturant.

    Bun Tikki Wala @ Dwarka Store Chowk

    Namaste Dehradun-Photo Not AvailableDoonites are very fond of Bun Tikkis. In Dehradun there are many Bun Tikki’s Stalls but few stalls are famous for their taste. A Bun Tikki Stall at Dwarka Store Chowk is one of them. In evening people comes here with their family to enjoy Bun Tikki. Many localities have their own favourite Bun Tikki Stall but Dwarka Chowk Bun Tikki Stall is the oldest Stall in Dehradun.

    Maggi points DehradunMaggi Points @ Mussoorie Road

    Having Maggi at Maggi Point is a great way to unwind, just drive along Dehradun-Mussoorie Road until after Shiv Mandir, all the Maggie Points is situated in this area. There are a few road side hawker sheds popularly known as the Maggi Points, where you can ask them to prepare a hot spicy Maggi. Maggi Point serves Maggi Noodles, Chai, Cold drinks and Snacks. Maggi Point is also famous for lovers, Boys and Girls comes here with their dear ones to enjoy hot and spicy Maggi together. Some people comes with their family when they travels from Dehradun to Mussoorie. If you haven’t taste this maggi, must go their you will have peacefull and tasty moment of your life.

    Chetan poori Wala-DehradunChetan Poori Wala @ Hanuman Chowk

    After spending a whole week in the office, shops and any other important works, people wait for Sunday and want to have a heavy Sunday Brunch like Puri Chhole, Puri Aalu. Chetan Puri wala is the place to get pooris packed along with aalu sabji or Kadu sabji. Chetan Poori Wala is famous for its tasty poori sabji and it is the best option at the time when surprise guests come and you have less time to prepare food. Chetan Puri wala shop is situated at Hanuman Chowk Near Darshani Gate Dehradun.

    Madrasi Dosa Hut, DehradunMadrasi Dosa Hut @ Parade Ground

    If you ask girls & women related to Fast Food, most of the girls and ladies preferred Dosa. In Dehradun, there are many famous restaurants which serves Dosa like- South Indian Dosa Stall, Laxmi Restaurant etc. but Madrasi Dosa Hut is the best Stall of Dosa. Madrasi Dosa Hut is situated at Parade Ground opposite to Kanak Cinema and its timing is 5 pm evening to 11 pm. Madrasi Dosa Hut is famous for its taste and reasonable price. The area is not big and sitting arrangement is only for approx 4 table with 2 chairs on each table, but it doesn’t matter for Doonites, they wants only taste and the taste of Madrasi’s dosa is best.

    Gaylord's Ice Cream Palour DehradunGaylord Ice Cream Parlour @ Paltan Bazaar

    Gaylord Ice Cream Parlour is one of the best & famous ice cream parlour in Dehradun City. It is located at the starting of Paltan Bazaar near Clock Tower. Gaylord is the pet spot of youth and it is popular fir its Rs. 10 Softy Ice Cream. It offers different flavors of ice cream like- Vanillas, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter scotch, black forest special cold coffee with ice-cream etc. The ice cream price is very reasonable in Gaylord Ice Cream Parlour.

    Namaste Dehradun-Photo Not AvailableChaat Wali Gali @ Clock Tower

    It is clear with the name ‘Chaat Wali Gali’ that gali is famous for Chaat & Gol Gappas and this gali (street) is situated near Chakrata Road Dehradun. In Chaat Wali Gali there are many stalls of Chaat & Gol Gappas, every stall serves best & tasty chaat. People comes from different places to taste this tasty chaat. We suggest you to taste the Chaat here, if you still haven’t.

    Bobby Fast Food Corner @ Gandhi ParkNamaste Dehradun-Photo Not Available

    Bobby fast food corner is situated just beside the Gandhi Park, opposite to Orient Cinema. Bobby fast food corner is famous for chowmein, non-veg momos and soup. Its timing is 5 pm to 11 pm., and at evening time the road gets block due to the its customers. This is very old fast food corner of Dehradun, now the time there are many fast food corner in Dehradun but because of its taste it still the first choice of all.

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